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The name is Kate. Im kind of weird.
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grizzly bear sun in your eyes

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"He was an entity unto himself. His thought processes, his music, his verbalizations of things, his body language, his clothes. He was unique, he didn’t follow a pattern at all." - Linda Keith


A small show by the seaside - it reminded me of The Who being in Brighton looking out over the sea, “Nothing is planned by the sea and the sand”. It made me want to go and play Quadrophenia. The Foo Fighters playing as The Holy Shits. It was hot and I mean steam room Bikram hot. Pat Smear and I shared his bottle of champagne which he handed me in between songs. The Foos played for more than two hours just like The Who. I drove home soaking wet…

PS Great show!

By Ross Halfin 


Chaser | Kimsey Price | Mixed Media | 2014


Chaser | Kimsey Price | Mixed Media | 2014